Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the syringe

I don't know why I'm bothering posting this here.

In my art class, I'm supposed to be illustrating an article about the...genoa(?) project... I had this idea all conceptualized and neat and tidy and everything... But, woe is me, I have another idea that might not work... My first idea was to portray the human body as a machine, so, I was gonna have this kinda matrixy painting of a woman in the fetal position with wires and tubes coming out of her. Now, I want to add in just how much money is going into this research... So I got the idea of a syringe full of cash being injected into this person, but then it makes minimal sense... You have a big black expanse, with a little white woman and big silver pipes, and then a syringe full of green papery stuff. SO here's my other idea: a big scary doctor is holding a syringe, and stuff is squirting out the top of the syringe. But here's the question... is the Syringe full of DNA and is it squirting money, or is it full of money squirting DNA?

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